Business Value Accelerator (BVA) for GSE Management

We help uncover digital transformation opportunities across the GSE business. The BVA is a structured visioning exercise on how we can potentially solve your needs and accelerate results.


Only 22% of enterprises meet their business objectives & only 27% realize any business value from their digital transformation strategy.

Difficulty in securing upfront commitment & alignment from key stakeholders

Lack of agreed detailed work plan with clear measurable outcomes prioritized by business value

No Alignment between different Business Functions and lack of understanding on impact to business


Discover how the BVA can support digital transformation in your GSE business. 

What is the Business Value Accelerator?

Delivery of a value engagement that focuses on existing and/or future value through a collaborative discovery exercise between EBIS and your business. 

  • Collaborative & objective way to facilitate your business case
  • Delivered onsite or remote
  • ~45 min stakeholder interviews
  • Non-billable - funded by EBIS
  • Deliverable within ~5 days

What opportunities can it potentially unlock?

Discover opportunities to...

  • Optimize fleet management
  • Reduce costs of operations
  • Increase productivity
  • Align business to corporate strategy
  • Mitigate risk in strategic decision making

How do we get started and what's involved?

  • Agree on engagement scope &
    stakeholder/ participant roles
  • Agree engagement timing & schedule - onsite or remote
  • Schedule initial session to review strategic context, goals & priorities
  • Conduct 3-4 hour workshop with collaborative whiteboarding sessions

What are participant roles?

BVA involves an iterative & collaborative check-in & validation of findings throughout the process.

Engagement Sponsor

  • Agree on engagement scope
  • Secure participant resources
  • Provide strategic context & guidance
  • Validate final output & agree way forward

Stakeholder Participants

  • Participate in short discovery
    interview ~45 mins
  • Stakeholders aligned to agreed scope
  • Provide data points on current processes
  • Share challenges/pains


  • Coordinate schedules of participants
  • Arrange room logistics if onsite

What does the process look like?

Discovery - Current & Future State

  • Strategic context & overview
  • Interview discovery sessions with multiple stakeholders
  • Current state pains, issues & challenges
  • Future state discovery
  • Collection of key metrics/KPIs
  • Current value already realized (if existing customer)

Benefits Validation

  • Collaborative validation of findings leveraging industry benchmarks & peer group analysis
  • Review & validate findings & impact benefits with each stakeholder
  • Agree adoption rate with each stakeholder

Draft Review & Prioritization

  • EBIS prepare business case report
  • Define a prioritized work plan Business case review & refine with engagement coach
  • Agree business case messaging

Exec Playback & Commercial Model

  • Create CXO ready business case
  • Business case findings playback to Sponsor
  • Agree most cost-effective
  • commercial model for success

What are outputs of the program?

Executive Business Case

  • Key goals aligned to strategy
  • Current challenges & pains
  • Proposed solution
  • Prioritized adoption plan
  • Investment details
  • Benefit analysis

Value Map 

A document mapping the following: 
  • Requirements 
  • EBIS Capabilities 
  • Reports 
  • Business Outcomes 

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