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Get everything you need to grow your certified Repair Station.
Repair Orders Create Repair Orders, Work Orders linked to a customer for a part component. Additionally, manage repair order details, which can be used to print Authorized Release Certificates (8130-3, EASA Form 1, etc.).
Over-the-Counter Create quotes and invoices for parts directly to customers. Select by city to view OTC quotes and invoices based on search criteria and create new parts quote for the selected customer and city, which can later be converted into invoices.
Time Clock Breakdown View a breakdown of work order and time clock information by day & technician, to help understand efficiency gaps.
Work Order Workflow Manage large work orders easily with visual Kanban boards that make prioritizing and ordering work a breeze.
Compliance Create and manage compliance items with types like Aircraft, Engine and Inspection by aircraft and add to related work orders.
Meter Profiles Manage setup for readings, specifications and telemetry integrations, which are then linked to individual assets.
Fleet Media Manage the master list of assets with associated manuals, parts catalogs and more for similar aircraft types.
Category Profiles Improved flexibility and organization with specialized lists of categories, sub-categories and action categories.
Automatic Reports Get the data you need when you need it. Configure PDF and exports to be delivered to users on specific days.
Serialized Component Data View received parts that had a serial number and manage the media linked to these part/serial numbers.
P/O Reminders Dashboard Create reminders for Purchase Orders so users get notifications during a particular time period. Also, quickly filter and manage reminders for all Purchase Orders.
Advanced Data Analyzer Evaluate and optimize your repair station with a summary of work orders by aircraft or customer as they relate to performance by profit margin, estimated vs worked hours, estimated and in-progress totals from open work orders, etc.
Physical Inventory Gives the ability to quickly perform a physical inventory by using the advanced search to show which parts to show.