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Work Order Management

Seamlessly orchestrate inspections, parts, tasks, preventive measures, etc. specific to GSE maintenance. 

Asset Management Suite

Streamline ground support asset lifecycle with integrated features for inventory, telemetry, maintenance, and cost analysis.

Billing and Financial Management

Provides robust tools for invoicing, purchase orders, warranty claim management and more to ensure streamlined and connected financial control in GSE operations.

Parts Management and Vendor Integration

Optimize procurement with advanced vendor integration, streamlining supply chain for efficient component sourcing in maintenance.

Telemetry Integration

Establish consistent time between maintenance intervals, enhancing efficiency in fleet maintenance schedules, reducing costs, and improving in-service performance.

Advanced Data Analytics for GSE

ADA 2.0 enhances GSE with advanced dashboarding and reporting features, simplifying data analysis in EBIS.

Service Request Module

Enhance real-time communication for Ground Operations by managing equipment discrepancies, reducing administrative burden and errors.

GSE Services and Support

Utilize strategic visioning and a skilled GSE team to address your needs, accelerating results effectively.

  Work and Repair Order Management

Seamlessly orchestrate inspections, parts, tasks, preventive measures, etc. specific to aircraft maintenance. 

Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to FAA/EASA regulations, enhancing safety and reliability in aircraft maintenance operations.

Parts and Inventory Management

Efficiently tracks, manages, and optimizes aircraft parts and inventory, ensuring seamless maintenance operations.

Reporting and Analytics

Enable better data-driven decision-making and performance improvement in aircraft maintenance management.

Technician Efficiency

Boost productivity with streamlined workflows and optimized resource use, reducing downtime and accelerating task completion.

Billing and Financial Management

Optimize finance and operations with streamlined quoting, purchase orders, OTC sales, detailed invoices, and accounting system integration.

System Configuration and Integration

Highly customizable software with seamless integrations, import capabilities and an Open API.

Onboarding and Support Services

Optimize software value through tailored onboarding, interactive training and support options. 

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Aviation maintenance work orders

Efficient Work & Repair Order Management

Work order management lies at the heart of maintaining aircraft reliability and compliance. EBIS helps you facilitate the seamless orchestration of routine inspections, scheduled maintenance tasks, preventive measures and more. 

Key Features

PRORepair OrdersCreate Repair Orders, Work Orders linked to a customer for a part component. Additionally, manage repair order details, which can be used to print Authorized Release Certificates (8130-3, EASA Form 1, etc.).
PROOver-the-CounterCreate quotes and invoices for parts directly to customers. Select by city to view OTC quotes and invoices based on search criteria and create new parts quote for the selected customer and city, which can later be converted into invoices.
PROTime Clock BreakdownView a breakdown of work order and time clock information by day & technician, to help understand efficiency gaps.
PROWork Order Kanban BoardsManage large work orders easily with visual Kanban boards that make prioritizing and ordering work a breeze.
PROCompliance ItemsCreate and manage compliance items with types like Aircraft, Engine and Inspection by aircraft and add to related work orders.
PROCustom Meter ProfilesManage setup for readings, specifications and telemetry integrations, which are then linked to individual assets.
ALLFleet MediaManage the master list of assets with associated manuals, parts catalogs and more for similar aircraft types.
PROCategory ProfilesImproved flexibility and organization with specialized lists of categories, sub-categories and action categories.
PROAutomatic ReportsGet the data you need when you need it. Configure PDF and exports to be delivered to users on specific days.
PROSerialized Component DataView received parts that had a serial number and manage the media linked to these part/serial numbers.
PROP/O Reminders DashboardCreate reminders for Purchase Orders so users get notifications during a particular time period. Also, quickly filter and manage reminders for all Purchase Orders.
PROAdvanced Data AnalyzerEvaluate and optimize your repair station with a summary of work orders by aircraft or customer as they relate to performance by profit margin, estimated vs worked hours, estimated and in-progress totals from open work orders, etc.
PROPhysical InventoryGives the ability to quickly perform a physical inventory by using the advanced search to show which parts to show.
ALL PLANSInteractive TrainingEnsure you and your technicians get started quickly with guided onboarding.
PROWarranty ClaimsManage warranty claims created from work order items with warranty work.
ALL PLANSRecord ManagementManage a list of vendors, customers, aircraft and part core records.
ALL PLANSData ImportEasily integrate data from external sources, including Excel spreadsheets, into your EBIS database with our user-friendly import feature.
ALL PLANSSchedulerKeep track of of trainings, inspections, vacations, etc. in a single place within a calendar and agenda view.
ALL PLANSPurchase OrdersManage ordering of parts and service items for your assets and inventory. Additionally, generate P/O reminders.
ALL PLANSTime ClocksEasily view how technicians spend their day and use this data to help ensure proper training and data entry.
ALL PLANSAdvanced ConfigurationsManage and customize user profiles, city options, billing & tax profiles, job scheduling, category profiles, certifications and more.
ALL PLANSParts and Inventory ManagementEnable Parts personnel to manage parts requests from anywhere and share real-time parts status with technicians working in the shop or on AOG.
ALL PLANSInvoicesGenerate invoices for your customers and for internal tracking. Display various details such as parts, labor, shipping, taxes, and additional charges.
ALL PLANSLogbooksGenerate logbook entries in a few clicks from the system. Populate documents with pre-configured statements for the FAA.
ALL PLANSPart StatusGain better visibility into what part requests haven't been processed, along with ETA's for ordered parts and recently received parts.
PROOpen APIMaximize the potential of your systems by seamlessly integrating them with the EBIS API, which offers a wide range of data fields that can also be accessed through export functionality.
ALL PLANSLabor Kits & ATA CodesOur software allows you to easily manage labor kits that may consist of one or several items with corresponding parts or external repairs. Additionally, you can handle ATA codes, which typically include a single-item labor kit.
ALL PLANSNotificationsEBIS allows you to send targeted notifications to specific groups of users, with the option to attach relevant media for added context and clarity. Stay connected with your team and keep everyone on the same page with ease. 
ALL PLANSParts KitsManage parts kits, which can allow for adding more than one part to a work order.
ALL PLANSMedia CapabilitiesUse media capabilities for unlimited photos, videos and documents. Add SOP's, Scope of Work statements, photos, videos, etc. This media is used in equipment, work orders, parts, preventive maintenance and additional areas throughout the system.
ALL PLANSWork OrdersCreate paperless work orders to track and manage assets, integrate equipment manuals, optimize preventive maintenance programs, manage and track core credits, issue purchase orders, invoice 3rd parties and manage returns.
ALL PLANSMobile AccessibilityEnable technicians to work remotely and in real-time with all necessary information at their fingertips.
ALL PLANSWIP ReportingGet a clear picture of your maintenance progress by viewing estimated and in-progress totals from your open work orders.
ALL PLANSAircraft Detail RecordsCapture aircraft details such as serial numbers, model numbers, etc. for tracking historical changes over time.
ALL PLANSRevenue ReportingView dashboard reports on billing, profit margin, billable hours, estimated cash opportunities and more.
ALL PLANSQuickbooks IntegrationConfigurable integration with QuickBooks Online without cumbersome third-party interfaces and complicated exports.
ALL PLANSTool Transfer HistoryView a tool transfer history based on selected city and tool room.
ALL PLANSCertification TrackingManage certifications, recurring training, policies and other items.
ALL PLANSUser ProfilesManage user profiles which can be linked to specific users, allowing for easy management of user access.
ALL PLANSItem SignoffsConfigure work order signoffs and required inspection items, along with various options.
PROParts CatalogsManage parts catalogs based on your fleet configurations.
ALL PLANSMaster Parts ListManage a list of all parts across all shops and locations in your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of work order and repair order management software?
  1. Enhanced Organization: The repair order feature provides a centralized platform for managing and organizing maintenance tasks. It allows maintenance teams to systematically document and track each repair or service request, ensuring a clear and structured workflow.

  2. Efficient Communication: By utilizing a repair order system, communication between maintenance personnel, engineers, and relevant stakeholders is greatly improved. Real-time updates and notifications ensure that everyone involved is informed of the status of a repair, facilitating quicker decision-making and collaboration.

  3. Detailed Documentation: Maintenance crews can create detailed records for each repair order, including information on the nature of the issue, the steps taken for resolution, and any parts or components replaced. This documentation is valuable for regulatory compliance, historical analysis, and future maintenance planning.

  4. Optimized Resource Management: The repair order feature assists in efficient allocation of resources such as manpower, tools, and spare parts. Maintenance teams can prioritize tasks based on urgency and criticality, reducing downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.

  5. Compliance and Auditing: For aviation authorities and regulatory compliance, having a comprehensive repair order system is essential. It enables organizations to maintain meticulous records of maintenance activities, facilitating audits and ensuring adherence to safety and regulatory standards.

  6. Cost Control: With detailed records and insights into maintenance activities, organizations can better manage costs associated with repairs and maintenance. Analyzing trends and historical data allows for more accurate budgeting and cost forecasting.

  7. Performance Analysis: The repair order feature enables the tracking of maintenance trends and recurring issues. This data is invaluable for conducting performance analysis, identifying patterns, and implementing preventive measures to minimize future maintenance issues.

  8. Fleet Management: For organizations with multiple aircraft, the repair order feature aids in comprehensive fleet management. It provides a holistic view of the maintenance status of each aircraft, enabling better decision-making for fleet deployment and scheduling.

  9. Increased Aircraft Availability: By streamlining maintenance processes and minimizing downtime, the repair order feature contributes to increased aircraft availability. This is critical for meeting operational demands and maintaining a high level of service reliability.

  10. Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, efficient maintenance practices supported by a robust repair order system contribute to overall customer satisfaction. Reliable aircraft performance and timely maintenance lead to fewer disruptions, enhancing the reputation of the airline or aviation service provider.

What are the use cases of repair orders?

The repair order feature in an aircraft maintenance management solution serves as a versatile tool, addressing various critical use cases within the realm of aviation maintenance. Here are some typical use cases:

  1. Scheduled Maintenance: Aircraft undergo routine maintenance checks at specified intervals. The repair order feature helps schedule and manage these planned maintenance activities, ensuring that each task is systematically documented, executed, and recorded.

  2. Unscheduled Repairs: In the event of unexpected issues or malfunctions, the repair order feature facilitates the swift initiation and tracking of unscheduled repairs. Maintenance teams can quickly document the problem, assess the required actions, and communicate effectively to address the issue promptly.

  3. Component Replacement: When aircraft components or parts need replacement due to wear and tear, the repair order system ensures a systematic approach. It tracks the replacement process, documents the details of the new components, and helps maintain an accurate inventory of spare parts.

  4. Inspections and Checks: Regular inspections, including pre-flight and post-flight checks, are integral to aviation safety. The repair order feature assists in planning, conducting, and documenting these inspections, providing a comprehensive overview of the aircraft's condition and compliance with safety standards.

  5. Avionics Upgrades: Upgrading avionics systems is a common practice to enhance aircraft capabilities. The repair order feature aids in planning and executing avionics upgrades, ensuring that the process is well-documented and that any necessary regulatory approvals are obtained.

  6. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics: When technical issues arise, the repair order system supports maintenance teams in troubleshooting and diagnostics. It allows technicians to log their findings, track the steps taken to identify and rectify problems, and maintain a comprehensive history for future reference.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with aviation regulations is paramount. The repair order feature helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements by documenting each maintenance activity in detail. This documentation is crucial for audits and inspections conducted by aviation authorities.

  8. Warranty Tracking: Many aircraft components come with warranties. The repair order system helps in tracking warranty information for each part, ensuring that repairs and replacements are performed within the warranty period to maximize cost savings.

  9. Historical Data Analysis: The repair order feature stores a wealth of historical data related to maintenance activities. This information is valuable for analyzing trends, identifying recurring issues, and implementing preventive measures to enhance overall aircraft reliability and performance.

  10. Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication among maintenance teams, engineers, and other stakeholders is vital. The repair order system facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized platform for communication, allowing real-time updates, and ensuring that everyone involved is informed about the status of ongoing repairs.

  11. Resource Allocation: Optimizing the use of resources such as manpower, tools, and spare parts is a key aspect of aircraft maintenance. The repair order feature helps in planning and allocating resources efficiently, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

In summary, the repair order feature in an aircraft maintenance management solution addresses a wide range of use cases, contributing to the systematic planning, execution, and documentation of maintenance activities while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

The Problem

As an aviation services provider that needs to ensure the efficient and compliant maintenance of aircraft, you face the challenge of managing all the data required to do so, including work & repair orders, inventory, parts, tools, aircraft, warranties, labor hours, etc.

But, in order to optimize and scale your operation effectively, reduce risk, improve margins and drive efficiency, you may be using a solution that is difficult-to-use, cost-prohibitive, feature deficient or not appropriately designed to meet your needs throughout the maintenance lifecycle.

The Solution

As an aviation services provider that needs to ensure the efficient and compliant maintenance of aircraft, you face the challenge of managing all the data required to do so, including work & repair orders, inventory, parts, tools, aircraft, warranties, labor hours, etc.

But, in order to optimize and scale your operation effectively, reduce risk, improve margins and drive efficiency, you may be using a solution that is difficult-to-use, cost-prohibitive, feature deficient or not appropriately designed to meet your needs throughout the maintenance lifecycle.

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