Support & Implementation Services

Product Support

EBIS is a proven and stable solution that has been in production for 18 years. As a result, we do not experience many issues. However, we offer a helpdesk that assists in identifying and resolving problems. Included is access to the Technical Support Center and access to the help documentation. Product Support is available by phone or email.


The overall implementation strategy for EBIS is with a train-the-trainer methodology. This enables our customers to scale the usage while reducing 3rd party training costs. Implementation includes the initial set-up of your available data prior to training. The overall implementation includes system set-up, data implementation, and training. Additional training days are also available. 

Also, a recommended project schedule is provided, which is designed based on historical implementations and proven success.

While dependent on the client needs and set-up requirements, a common approach may include:

  • Data Collection, Data Entry, System Set-up, Configuration:  2-4 Weeks
  • Administrator and train-the-trainer – pre-rollout:  7 Days
  • Follow-up Training: 3 Days
  • System Go-Live: 1 Day
  • Total 4-6 Weeks

Software Support Services

Basic support services will be provided between business hours, with exception to holidays and includes:

  • Delivery of new releases, corrections, enhancements, updates and other changes to the Service Software, including related documentation
  • Providing a support telephone service for assistance in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Access to online help documentation for Service Software
  • Access by a client's designated contact to a Technical Support Center at any time during coverage hours to check the status of an open issue

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