The EBIS Advantage

EBIS offers unparalleled insights for your fleet and assets across supply chain management, equipment health & maintenance, and cost containment. Built for fleets of all sizes, including large volume and highly utilized fleets.

Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle and Repair Station Management Software Built and Designed for the Aviation Industry

Comprehensive Suite

Full suite of functionalities integrating asset management, predictive analytics reporting and alerting, supply chain integration, mobile, and telemetry.


Proprietary data

A proprietary 16-year parts/equipment database significantly improves analytics, decisioning, benchmarking, sourcing -- embedded into patent-pending features for parts analytics.

Unparalleled Footprint

Unparalleled Ground Support Equipment (GSE) footprint – over 100,000 assets, 600 cities, 3,000 users, 9M work orders, $70M annual parts ordering processed.

Industry Expertise

Industry knowledge and best practices embedded into patent-pending “Tech Tips” functionality, leveraging technician knowledge. Used by leading commercial airlines and ground handling services globally.

Streamlined Integrations

Adaptable to work alongside complementary or existing EAM systems, the supply chain integration enables technicians to order parts with visibility into actual stocking levels, view photos of parts when available and to be able to research parts if the part is unknown.

Telemetry Integration

Telemetry integration with EBIS also enables real-time asset location via the integrated mapping capabilities in EBIS, improving efficiency, safety, and accuracy


Tailored to Meet Unique Requirements

Comparable Modules

Not generic like competitors

GSE-customized analytics, KPI leverages 16-year database from 100,000 GSE asset deployments, 600+ locations allows for external benchmarking

Robust parts recommendations based on industry performance

Alerts via telemetry input to flag malfunctions

  • Reporting & KPI dashboards
  • Scheduling & purchase orders
  • Billing
  • Warranty claims
  • Master parts
  • Inventory & parts
  • Equipment database

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