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Recorded Webinar: Discover the Modern and Effective Approach to GSE Parts Management

Learn how to use a single system to find, order and track GSE parts in the supply chain.

Ordering and managing parts in GSE maintenance can be tedious and error prone. Often it requires daily alignment meetings, time spent tracking down parts and calling vendors, reconciling orders between multiple systems, etc. This can result in significant costs associated with poor planning, labor costs, human errors and inefficient processes. 

Aviation Parts and Supply Chain

Unlike other solutions on the market, EBIS has developed an integration with Sage, Napa and other supply chain partners to enable technicians and parts managers to: 

  • Order parts with visibility into actual stocking levels and prices
  • View photos of parts when available
  • Research parts if the part us is unknown
  • View dashboard to see status of ordered part
  • Track supply chain vendors’ performance to ensure parts are delivered on a timely basis

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