MRO and GSE Asset Management Solutions

We Empower Aviation Maintenance Teams with Approachable Solutions to Drive Change

Whether you are an airside operator or service provider, EBIS' flexible Aviation Asset and Repair Station Management solutions help you generate data-driven insights, streamline workflows, stay compliant and grow your operations on the ground or in the air.

Enterprise Asset Management Software

GSE Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

Built for and by Commercial Airliners and Ground Handlers across the globe. 

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Aircraft Maintenance MRO Software

Designed for General Aviation, A&P Shops, Certified Repair Stations and Factory Service Centers. 


Flexible to Support Commercial and General Aviation Needs

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Modernize, optimize and scale MRO and Part 145 repair stations. 

Managed and Owned Fleets

Reduce the total cost of ownership of owned or managed fleets at your airline or facility.

Service Providers 

Optimize services and improve customer experiences at your ground handling, cargo, deicing, fueling, leasing and/or refurbishment company.


Multi-Site Operations

Effectively manage for visibility across multiple locations and create a single source of truth.

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Customer was struggling to secure funds to replace their aging vehicle fleet.

Reviewed customer data in combination with industry data.

Identified a 48% parts and labor savings for only a 3-year period.


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