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Eric BaalMay 22, 2023 12:41:00 PM1 min read

Introducing the New EBIS 5 User Interface

New Navigation Sidebar

The navigation bar previously at the top of EBIS is now on the far left, to improve accessibility and increase available height for your pages.  

All modules now have icons: Outstanding Parts, Parts Status, Vendors, Tech Activity, etc. are now directly accessible from this updated navigation sidebar.

Tab Movement

The tab system is now much more functional behind the scenes.  Click and hold the tabs for a split second to reorganize the tabs at the top.

Updated Listing

The list views are now easier to read, and the headers will stay fixed when scrolling down the list.

Open EBIS Tab in New Window

Right click on an EBIS tab to open in a new browser tab to view multiple EBIS modules at the same time using multiple windows in your operating system.

Quick Config Access

Access the most common Config items by right clicking on the Configuration icon.

Compact View

Sidebar Access

When your browser becomes less wide or viewing on a tablet in portrait mode, the page’s sidebar can be accessed from the combined header.

Page Specific Buttons

When the page view is optimized for compact views, the buttons are now combined.

Mobile Phone Specific Features

Even more enhancements have been made to access EBIS from your iPhone or Android, directly from Chrome or Safari.  The “Tablet Specific Features” referenced above, PLUS:

Accessing Tabs

Tabs are accessed from the EBIS icon

Application Sidebar

New sidebar is accessible from the EBIS icon


Eric Baal

CTO and Co-Founder of EBIS Software.