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Enhancing Ground Support Equipment Operations at Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines implemented EBIS, a Ground Support Equipment Asset Management solution, in order to streamline and optimize its Ground Support Equipment (GSE) operations. As a result, the GSE team has overcome various communication gaps and challenges, improved quality control programs and overall accountability, streamlined parts management and embraced a more efficient service request process. 


Alaska Airlines - GSE


Service Request Communication Gaps

The GSE team manages a diverse range of assets crucial for GSE operations at Alaska Airlines, including baggage tractors, belt loaders, push back tractors, high lifts, aircraft maintenance equipment, ground power units, and air start units. However, the service request process faced a number of challenges due to miscommunication and inefficiencies, prompting the replacement of their previous solution with the EBIS Service Request Module, an easy-to-use interface for Ground Operations team members with limited access to EBIS to report issues in the field. The new system introduced transparency and allowed direct and immediate feedback from operations, replacing the reliance on phone calls and text messages for communication. The maintenance team could then open work orders against an incoming queue of service requests, and field teams also retained visibility of the status of that work in the field. 


Enhancing Visibility and Accountability 

Prior to implementing EBIS, the team lacked the means to generate reports specific to the KPI's, trends and areas of improvement that specifically related to their organizational goals and needs. However, EBIS improved accountability tracking, report generation, and the overall workflow efficiencies driven from the simplicity of the software. Furthermore, they were able to maintain standardized approaches to preventative maintenance and incident tracking, as well as implement quality control programs which enabled the critical flow of data to 3rd parties for when units failed. 

The Out-of-Service (OOS) reports have been a tremendous help, because we can see whether the maintenance team is doing their job by making sure that unit is going back into service, and that it's closed, and that the data entry is accurate or by letting us know that the unit is out of service. [This helps us] proactively figure out what the situation is before it gets to a critical situation. So, it's been really helpful for proactive planning, instead of simply reacting with the previous software. 

Mehdi Jnah, Director of GSE, Alaska Airlines 


Integration with Sage Parts

The integration with Sage Parts emerged as a critical factor for the team, enhancing the management of parts ordering and contributing to operational efficiency.

Now we can assign a purchase order to a specific work order for the part, and we can go back and identify the items that were ordered against it.. So it simplifies it. You could go back and see throughout the history of a unit on when it received certain parts...We weren't able to do this with the previous software. Just the data points alone were huge for us, especially with keeping accountability using 3rd party providers. 

Mehdi Jnah, Director of GSE, Alaska Airlines 


Optimizing GSE Fleet Management

EBIS's ability to generate automatic service reports was highlighted as a valuable feature for the team as it enabled a proactive GSE fleet planning and prevents reactive responses to critical situations. Additionally, the GSE leadership team has now been able to establish a scorecard based on the data provided by EBIS including OOS dates, QC fails and passes, PM due dates, etc. 

With the goal of simplifying every process, their team is also using QR codes on units to scan with phones or tablets to send service request tickets, and future plans include moving from spreadsheets into leveraging EBIS for annual audits and inspections of equipment. They expressed appreciation for EBIS’ responsiveness and accommodating attitudes as they continue to explore new opportunities to maximize their use of EBIS. 



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